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Some breakdowns or simple malfunctions do not necessarily require the help of a professional. Without major difficulty, you cannot fix your refrigerator or hire any Refrigerator Repair Service company. Similarly, in the event that your refrigerator makes a very loud noise, you may be able to resolve this problem before calling a repairman. In most cases, this comes from the fan motor, located at the bottom rear of the device. A simple replacement of the part could be enough to breathe new life into your fridge. On the other hand, if your refrigerator is no longer cold, it is probably a slightly more complex procedure. Do not hesitate in this case to call a pro.

Request quotes and compare

As soon as a breakdown occurs, and before even considering troubleshooting your fridge, always start by checking the date of purchase. On the invoice, you normally have all the information concerning the guarantee. If it turns out that your device is still under warranty, all you have to do is contact the after-sales service. Otherwise, you will have to hire a professional and pay for the repairs yourself. In this case, do not hesitate to compare rates, things you can do by requesting a quote. In most cases, professionals offer a free estimate. If necessary, comparison sites allow you to easily find a Refrigerator Repair Service convenience store.

Know your refrigerator to better repair it

To properly repair a broken household appliance, you need to know how it works. Whether it is a built-in refrigerator, a combination, an American model, ventilated cold, or rather compression or absorption, whatever the brand ( Whirlpool, Philips, Arthur Martin, Thomson, Liebherr, Bosch, SMEG, Miele …), you should know that when your fridge no longer cools what it contains as provisions, the problem often comes from a part that no longer works properly. Before venturing to disassemble your device, here are a few ways to diagnose the origin of the breakdown. Indeed, a fridge that no longer produces cold is a real problem for the proper preservation of food. You have to be reactive to the risk of losing all the foodstuffs it contains.

Detect the breakdown of your fridge in 5 points

1- Electrical connection

Check the condition of your fridge’s socket. It could simply be an electrical fault or a problem with the fuse. If not, head to the outlet. Test it with a multimeter in the volt position. Do you get a voltage equal to 230 volts? Great, everything is fine. On the other hand, if the value obtained is equal to 0, your socket is damaged. It will be necessary to call on the services of a professional Refrigerator Repair Service to repair the fault.


2- The compressor is overheating

When you put your hand on the front of your refrigerator, you notice unusual heat. We must see the side of the compressor whose mission is to continuously compress the refrigerant gas contained in the circuit. Indeed, this very important component of the refrigerator operates without interruption. If the refrigerator is hot or hot to the touch when it is not cooling, the compressor may no longer be able to compress gas or there may be no gas in the refrigeration system. Also, remember to check the interior thermostat of your appliance frequently. The ideal temperature should be between 2 and 6 degrees.


3- Condenser: make sure it is not clogged

The capacitor is the grid that is found at the back of the device, often black in color. This grid circulates a refrigerant. It enters as a gas and eventually comes out as a liquid. When the internal circuit of the grill is clogged, the refrigerator finds it very difficult to work properly. To prevent residue from clogging it, clean the condenser frequently using a small brush. If you notice a gas leak, call a technician to repair the fault or refill the refrigerator with fluid if necessary.


4- Air circulation

The circulation of the air in the refrigerator is important. It is thanks to good circulation of it that your device cools down. It is therefore necessary to facilitate its passage and not to overload the shelves with provisions. It is also necessary to ensure that the doors close tightly and that nothing obstructs their closing. We can never repeat it enough, but it is strictly inadvisable to keep a hot dish in the refrigerator, it is however an all too common error that can cost you dearly.

5- Suspicious and unusual noises

A household appliance that suddenly starts making unusual noises should get your full attention. Continuous buzzing, and vibrations due to the compressor which works tirelessly, you have to know how to identify the noises, which is not easy since this device is noisy in nature. When a refrigerator is not correctly wedged, it can emit abnormal vibrations. If this is your case, make sure that the feet of your fridge are positioned correctly. Legs screwed at the same height will guarantee the good stability of your appliance. One mistake we make far too often is putting the fridge against the wall. It is essential to leave a space between the grill of the appliance and the surface of your kitchen.

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