SEO Software: Trying to catch the spiders…


What exactly does SEO software do?

SEO software is often based on the following assumption:

– look at the page that ranks first on Google,

– do the same + a little better,

– and you will be number 1

The SEO software will then examine “all” the SEO parameters it finds out about the #1 site on Google. Then this software will automate the process of emulating this for your website.

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SEO is more than a software approach!

SEO is the art of ranking #1 in any search engine for any keyword.

SEO Search Engine Optimization, concept for promoting ranking traffic on website, optimizing your website to rank in search engines or SEO. SEO Search Engine Optimization, concept for promoting ranking traffic on website, optimizing your website to rank in search engines or SEO. seo stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Spiders rank a web page first because spiders “think” that page deserves to be number one. Of course, the spider can’t think: there must be a programmer to program the spider to find out which place is best.

Now, if you’re smart enough to feed the spider exactly what the programmer thinks is important, you’ll know first.

This is exactly what SEO software does: it claims to know and solve “all” the parameters that make a website rank #1.

Pitfalls of a software approach to SEO

Let’s assume that you find all the parameters needed to rank website number 1. With all these parameters you will manage to get your website and even manage to be in the first place.

Now, if your website deserves to be ranked first, everything is fine. But if surfers start complaining that you’re not, the search engine will be blamed!

It won’t be long before Google discovers that “someone has cracked the code” of the spiders. Spiders will be updated to provide quality results to visitors!

This means you need to upgrade your approach to SEO software…: you go after the facts instead of over the facts.

How to get to number 1?

You are number one because you deserve it.

In spider logic, this still means:

– your page talks about the keyword you are optimizing for

– your page has many inbound links about the keyword you are optimizing for.

That’s what a #1 chart should be about.

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But is my SEO software really up to date or not?

Your software can only be up to date AFTER you update the spider’s software. If you don’t write the spiders yourself, you’ll always be a bit late.

You can’t know all the parameters a spider takes into account unless you again write the spider software yourself.

Some parameters you cannot control: the age of the site one of them. Suppose a spider needs to choose between 2 websites: the oldest and the copy SEO: which one to choose? The oldest one would be the easiest bet and you can’t change the age of your website right?

A detailed look at SEO software

Ads for SEO software might say you can get top 5 Google rankings in less than 30 days… If that’s true, check out:

– is this SEO software website ranked #1 in Google for SEO or SEO software?

– are the sample websites that the SEO software mentions ranked first, really ranked first in Google?

It is very easy to enter the keyword phrase of an SEO software example website and see if they are #1 or not.

And don’t be fooled by SEO software that lists numerous examples of ranking #1 in MSN or Yahoo: if you want to have a long-term ranking of #1 in any of the search engines, you’d better start ranking #1 in Google.

I didn’t say it’s a guarantee that you’ll rank #1 in Yahoo and MSN once you rank #1 in Google, but you’ll rank high there too. On the other hand, a #1 ranking on MSN may mean you won’t be found on Yahoo or Google.

So you say, well, I’ll just try to rank #1 on MSN because it seems easier. Well, it’s easier, but then it’s also easier for your competition, so it won’t take too much effort to outplay you again. So do your job well once and for all: become number one in Google and fine-tune for MSN or Yahoo if necessary.

Why are you even doing SEO?

SEO is one way to increase traffic to your website. But more traffic to your site is more than a “blind ranking of 1 on Google”:

— Always make sure you are #1 for a word that many people are searching for! —

If you buy any SEO software or outsource your SEO to SEO specialists: always check their SEO examples:

– they come first

– are keywords that rank for popular search keywords (greater than 10,000 searches per month in the Yahoo Search Marketing Keyword Picker is not considered too low)

– how long it took them to be number 1

– how much competition is there for the keyword (less than or greater than 5 million? In general: above 5 million keyword results on Google, things change)

– how much competition is there for the cited “keyword” (less than or greater than 33,000? In general: above 33,000 cited “keyword phrases” on Google, things change)

If the SEO software or SEO specialist can answer YES to all of these items, you can start taking them very seriously!

Try it for every example website any SEO software claims to rank #1 for a particular keyword. And of course, always start by checking if they are ranked first! If it doesn’t, then you’ll be buying SEO software that doesn’t do the job! Rank number 2 is ALMOST number 1, and worse, number 9 is nowhere near number 1.

Websites with SEO software

Whenever you are interested in something you can buy on the internet, check out the overall website of the product you want to buy!

Some SEO software websites are 1-page websites: only 1 product page, no links, no other pages…

Back to basics again. What was the first idea to start the Internet? Give people information, lots of information.

And we talk about “NET” in Inter”NET”: “net” means links here, links there, links everywhere… (that’s why links are so important in SEO)

If you don’t see a lot of links or a lot of content on an SEO website, then the SEO website is not serious about its topic: SEO!

Back to basics: web traffic

Your goal is to get as many people as possible to your website, right?

SEO software aims to rank 1st in Google.

Now it is very easy to rank 1 on Google for “jhdkghgkbdcds”,
but who searches for “jhdkghgkbdcds”??? No one!

So if no one is searching for “jhdkghgkbdcds” then why bother ranking it #1?


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