7 New On-Page SEO Techniques

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Maintain the Reading Level

Every content writer’s first and foremost goal is to provide understandable content. We know that every Google user is not a highly educated person.

All I want to say is that your post should contain fewer percent of ‘Flesch Reading Ease Test’ sentences. So that, every age group of people will understand your content. This leads to better traffic generation.

Site Speed

Make sure that, your site is working super fast. We all know that users will not wait more than a few numbers of seconds to load their pages. To load your pages faster remove the unwanted content in your post. This is one of the simple techniques of OnPage Optimization.

Use Images and Videos

Every Search Engine Optimizer must use the images and videos in their content. Because humans will easily understand anything by watching images and videos.

Using Info Graphics (Display the exact message through a single image) in your content is also a great way of On-Page SEO Techniques.

Google Voice Search

The public has changed their way of searching. Nowadays people use simply ask their queries in Google Voice Search. By doing this operation they are getting answers very easily. Due to this reason, search engine optimizers need to update themselves by switching to Google Voice Search.

Post in Yahoo! & Bing

The latest technique of SEO On Page Optimization is publishing our articles in Yahoo! & Bing. We use to publish our posts on Google. But, the latest research has declared that publishing the posts on Yahoo! & Bing will lead to getting more traffic.

Switch to ‘HTTPS’

Many content writers will use the HTTP protocol while publishing their articles. Here is a new technique to increase site traffic. Switch to the HTTP protocol from HTTP. It was also a well-known latest SEO On Page Optimization technique.

Use keywords in comments

Gaining traffic by using comments is also an important technique of On-Page SEO Techniques. Because Google bots will consider comments along with the post. Some of the users will leave long comments. Writers can make use of those comments. Whenever writers find big comments insert one or two keywords in that comment.

Don’t stuff the keywords. The comment should look natural even after adding the keywords. In this way, writers can generate more traffic even by using comments for their posts.


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